Sudoku Advisor

Click on "Hint" to get an advise like this.
The Sudoku Advisor helps you to solve classic Sudokus. If you can't find the solution of your Sudoku, then enter the digits you have found so far into this tool and press the "Hint" button. And if you are lucky, the Sudoku Avisor will show you the next step.

The Sudoku Advisor also contains a number of pretty difficult Sudokus, which you can try to solve with or without help.

The Sudoku Advisor uses some logical rules to find the solution of a Sudoku. It doesn't pursue a trial and error strategy. The tool only knows the rules, that I know. If you find a Sudoku that the tool can't solve and if you can solve the Sudoku without guessing, then please tell me the used rule so that I can improve the tool.

Current version:

Download Sudoku Advisor for Windows as executable file (575 KB)
Download Sudoku Advisor for Windows as zip file (272 KB)

The Sudoku Advisor comes without installer. Just download an run it.
It does not save any data on your computer.

The Sudoku Advisor is freeware. By downloading the Sudoku Advisor you agree to the terms of use.

If you like the Sudoku Advisor and find it useful, feel free to donate.