Delphi Markup Label

The Delphi Markup Label is a label component for Delphi that supports some HTML-like tags to format the displayed text. Amongst others, it supports tags for hyperlinks, tabs, font size, color and styles. The full list of tags can be found in the accompanying test tool.

Originally I made this label because Delphi's TLabel component doesn't automatically resizes its height, if word wrapping is enabled and the label text is changed. Typically, I have this problem when an application has to be translated at runtime and if the displayed text has very different lengths in different languages. This may lead to truncated messages, if the label height is not properly adjusted.

Furthermore, when I made this markup label, I was still working with Delphi 2007 which doesn't fully support Unicode. Therefore I added Unicode support to the markup label.

I tested this component with Delphi 2007 only, but it should also work with other versions of Delphi including Unicode versions as well as with Lazarus. But some minor modifications may be required.

Download Delphi Markup Label (478 KB)

The zip file contains the source code of the Delphi Markup Label as well as a test tool.

The Delphi Markup Label is freeware and can be used for any purpose.
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