Smart Card Scripter

A script to read the UID of a contactless card
Smart Card Scripter is a tool that makes it easy to send APDUs APDU = Application Protocol Data Unit to smart cards and to process the responses.
I made this tool, because I often have to play with new types of smart cards and the existing tools are by far not powerful enough and I was too lazy to always implement a whole program just to test a few APDUs APDU = Application Protocol Data Unit .

Smart Card Scripter contains a large number of built-in commands, especially cryptographic commands which are useful for authentiction and encrypted communication.

Smart Card Scripter uses a Pascal-like script syntax. Rudimental Pascal knowledge is required to use this tool as well as basic knowledge about smart cards. The tool installs a couple of sample scripts that demonstrate the script-syntax. Unfortunately the cool stuff is always confidential and can't be published. But don't worry, the script language is easier to learn as it may seem at the first glance.

Smart Card Scripter requires a PC/SC PC/SC = Personal Computer/Smart Card compliant smart card reader. I tested it with devices from Identive (former SCM Microsystems) only, but other devices should theoretically work too. I recommend to use an Identive SCR33xx reader for contact cards and an Identive SCL011 reader for contactless cards.

Smart Card Scripter requires Windows 2000, XP, Vista or 7.