Time Calculator

How random that it looks like my old Casio!
The Time Calculator allows adding and substracting time values in the sexagesimal system (where the base value is 60).
If you ever tried to add 17 minutes to 1.8 hours in your head, then you probably know that this can be error-prone.
Unfortuntely, most available calculators for Windows don't support the sexagesimal system. That's why I made this calculator. So, if you need to calculate with time values, you should really try the Time Calculator.
The decimal system is of course also supported.

Current version:

Download Time Calculator for Windows as executable file (743 KB)
Download Time Calculator for Windows as zip file (667 KB)

The Time Calculator comes without installer. Just download an run it.

The Time Calculator is freeware. By downloading the Time Calculator you agree to the terms of use.

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