Neon Flow

Feels like layouting a PCB
This is a Javascript version of a game that I found in the Google store some time ago. I redeveloped the game, because I really liked the game, but the the original game was too easy and I wanted to add some more difficult levels. However, I did not add any additional levels yet, because I found that it is not fun to play a level when you already know the solution. Maybe someone else wants to add new levels. Therefore the whole source code of the game is available for download.

The source code basically consists of one Javascript file. No external files (especially images) are referenced. The source code is not optimized yet for speed or size. Optimization for speed could be done by using precomputed images instead of computing all graphics on the fly. The missing optimization is also the reason why the graphic quality is set to "low" by default. You can change it in the settings if you have a fast browser or a powerful computer.

Note: Firefox (version 26) has often problem to load the Javascript code correctly at the first attempt. If you see an empty page or buttons without captions press F5 to reload the page.

Important note: Neon Flow uses cookies to store your scores. If you are afraid of cookies, don't play the game.

Click here to run Neon Flow in a new browser window.

Click here to download the source code of Neon Flow.

This game requires a HMTL5 compatible web browser.
This game runs best in the current versions of Google Chrome and Internet Explorer.