Pascal PC/SC Sample

The Pascal PC/SC Sample shows how to use the functions of the PC/SC library with Delphi or Lazarus (Free Pascal).
If you want to access smart cards in your Delphi or Lazarus project and you don't know how, then this sample code is exactly what you need.

I tested the sample projects with Lazarus 1.08 & 1.10, and with Delphi 2007, XE2 & XE3, but it should compile with other versions of Delphi and Lazarus, too. I tested the Lazarus version on Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1) and Linux (Ubuntu 12.04) only, but it should theoretically also compile on Mac OS X.

The PC/SC sample doesn't explain any details of any specific type of smart card. You still need to know how your smart card works.

Fell free to notify me, if you face any problems.

Current version: 1.3

Download Pascal PC/SC Sample (1992 KB)

The zip file contains the full source code as well as compiled executable files.

The Pascal PC/SC Sample is freeware and can be used for any purpose.
By downloading the Pascal PC/SC Sample you agree to the terms of use.

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