Mine Sweeper

I lost :-(
This is a Javascript version of the famous mine sweeper game. I made it, because I really like this game. I played it a thousand times on my PC, but I wanted to be able to play it on mobile devices too.

Mine Sweeper is available in two versions. The PC version has a larger game board in 4:3 format with more mines while the version for mobile devices has a smaller game board in portrait format with larger fields for fingers use.

To reveal a field (if you think that it doesn't contain a mine), highlight the magnifier button in the bottom left corner before touching the field. To place a flag on a field (to indicate the position of a mine), highlight the flag button in the bottom right corner instead.

Click here to run the mobile device version of Mine Sweeper in a new browser window.
Click here to run the PC version of Mine Sweeper in a new browser window.

This game requires a HMTL5 compatible web browser.
For some reason, it runs extremely slow on my computer (but only on my computer) when using Google Chrome.
If you face the same problem, try Firefox or Opera.