These gems are worthless.
This is a Javascript version of a game named Gems. I made the first version of this game (for Windows) nearly than 10 years ago.

The goal of this game is to play as long as possible to break the highscore. You cannot win this game, you only can try not to lose. Move gems around to build horizontal, vertical or diagonal rows of 5 gems or more of the same color. Building longer rows gives more points. Playing at higher levels gives even more points but is much harder.

Click here to run Gems in a new browser window.

This game requires a HMTL5 compatible web browser.
Important note: Your highscore is stored locally in a cookie. If you are afraid of cookies, don't play the game.

I was asked what kind of library I was using to create this game. I did not use any library. The only tools I used were a painting program for the graphics, a text editor for the code (Notepad++), and a web browser to finally test the game. I wished I was smart enough to use any of the available Jacascript debuggers. This could have saved me some time. But debuggers are for girlies. ;-)